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What all nonprofit executive directors, board members, staffs, and volunteers need to know to help support their organization’s mission and financial sustainability, ensure strong governance, and better communicate their role within the community is all here. Check it out!

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How to Harness the Power Of Social Media

Social media has revolutionized marketing and how we “consume” information. For nonprofits, harnessing social media can make an enormous impact.

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Is Your Mindset Getting in the Way of Your Organization’s Mission?

The day-to-day grind distracts nonprofit leaders from their mission's primary focus. If you want to make positive changes, try assessing your mindset.

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How to ‘Give with Purpose’

When thinking about charitable giving, we tend to focus on financial donations. But remember, there are plenty of other ways to "give with purpose."

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Four Tips for a Successful RFP Process

A well-thought-out Request for Proposal process helps nonprofits find a financial advisor who is committed to their mission, all with less stress involved.

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Why ‘Robert’s Rules’ Are So Important for Board Meetings

Following "Robert’s Rules" is essential for nonprofit board meetings. Learn how they make a difference in decision-making and productivity for the board.

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Volunteerism: The Journey from 'Life Consumer' to 'Community Contributor'

What are the self-imposed roadblocks that prevent you from volunteering? Learn how to overcome them so you can make a real difference in your community.

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Nonprofits: 5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Story that Engages Donors, Others

Nonprofits are always trying to forge engagement and relationships with a potential client, donor, or volunteer. Through a story you provide a window into your world; the needs of your organization; who and how you help serve your community; and why it matters to the audience. Learn more.

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How to Prevent Board Members from ‘Checking Out’ on Your Organization

If you are an Executive Director or serve as a Board leader, you may have encountered an unengaged board member who no longer contributes to your organization in a meaningful way. Learn four measures that will

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