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Is Your Investment Spending Policy Sustainable?

Whether in portfolios of our own or for those for whom we have fiduciary responsibility, like our favorite non-profit organizations, it's important for us to remain aware of anticipated net distribution rates and investment returns for the asset allocation strategy selected for the portfolio's investments.

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Bequests and Beneficiary Designations: Simple Ways to Leave a Legacy

Implementing a planned giving program can be overwhelming and costly. But it's important to let your donors and constituents know you are open for business and ready to accept charitable legacies through bequests and beneficiary designations. Learn more.

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AN URGE TO GIVE: Considerations for Year-End Giving

From an early age, we learn the fundamental principles of gathering and accumulating. Yet, most individuals and families in the U.S. freely give away their assets to support others. Here's a deeper dive into who, how, and why people give, along with some commonly held philanthropy myths and who benefits from the generosity.

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How to Harness the Power Of Social Media

Social media has revolutionized marketing and how we “consume” information. For nonprofits, harnessing social media can make an enormous impact.

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Is Your Mindset Getting in the Way of Your Organization’s Mission?

The day-to-day grind distracts nonprofit leaders from their mission's primary focus. If you want to make positive changes, try assessing your mindset.

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How to ‘Give with Purpose’

When thinking about charitable giving, we tend to focus on financial donations. But remember, there are plenty of other ways to "give with purpose."

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Four Tips for a Successful RFP Process

A well-thought-out Request for Proposal process helps nonprofits find a financial advisor who is committed to their mission, all with less stress involved.

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Why ‘Robert’s Rules’ Are So Important for Board Meetings

Following "Robert’s Rules" is essential for nonprofit board meetings. Learn how they make a difference in decision-making and productivity for the board.

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