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Nonprofit Advisory Services

Much more than just investment management. We will, of course, design a diversified, global portfolio that maximizes returns while supporting your mission and values. But it’s our expertise in strategic planning, leadership development and fundraising that can help you thrive in the competitive nonprofit world—and make a difference for a very long time.

An Action Plan to Address All Your Challeges

Nonprofit Advisory Services

Discover how the Nonprofit Advisory Services Team at McKinley Carter Wealth Services can help nonprofits achieve greater community impact by taking a strategic approach to endowment development.

What is CEFEX?

What does it mean to be CEFEX-certified? Learn more about McKinley Carter's CEFEX Certification.

CEFEX Certification
Human Services Nonprofit
CASE STUDY: Human Services Nonprofit

A non-profit agency faced troubled times, from reductions in funding to an uncooperative board. The situation had to change, or the organization would close.

Meet our Advisors
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Expect to Leave Invigorated.

Every conversation with McKinley Carter is an energizing experience, an opportunity to take your financial instincts and confidence to the next level—starting with the very first one.

Reach out for a consultation.
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