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Announcing our new Southwestern Ohio Division!


Master Your Wealth

At McKinley Carter, we believe confidence is your most valuable asset. So we work with you to sharpen your financial instincts and knowledge. This way, you are in the best possible position to take control of your wealth and future—and excited at the prospect.

Our Philosophy

What's Your Goal?

Managing my wealth for the long-term

Build your financial instincts along with your wealth.

Active, Ongoing Management Of My Portfolio

Performance based on goals, not benchmarks.

A High-performing Retirement Plan For My Company

Stay true to your values without sacrificing financial returns.

Doing The Most Good With My Nonprofit

Stay true to your values without sacrificing financial returns.

Each person is different, as is their vision for the future.

See how we’ve helped our clients find their financial confidence and the best way forward.

A women smiling in an office, meeting with a client.

Expect to Leave Invigorated.

Every conversation with McKinley Carter is an energizing experience, an opportunity to take your financial instincts and confidence to the next level—starting with the very first one.

Reach out for a consultation.

Let's Connect and Thrive