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Happiness 101: Build a Family Philanthropy Plan

Photo of author, Teresa Shawver, FPQP™, CPFA®.
Teresa Shawver, FPQP™, CPFA®
Manager of Advisory Service Standards
Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

For many, being philanthropic means leaving money to charity through
beneficiary designations or wills. Once the donor passes away,
organizations will certainly benefit from those donations. But sadly, in
my opinion, the donor misses out on the opportunity to witness the
meaningful impact of their dollars toward the greater good DURING their lifetime.

I ran upon an article, “Is Family Philanthropy Worth the Effort?”
that addresses building a family culture of philanthropy, whether that
is through monetary efforts, or through gifts of time and energy. This
can strengthen family bond, create family legacy, and make an important
difference in our communities.

Is now the time to be intentional with your family about giving back to your community? Is there an organization, cause, or annual activity that pulls at your heart strings? Start the conversation and see where it leads.

Be creative. Involve the littles, the tweens, the teens, the college
students, and the adult children in your life. Make it a fun and engaging
conversation about your family's blessings. Ask your family members how each would give back if there were no limits.

Remember, the most valuable contributions are often not monetary. Think outside the box and build your unique family philanthropy plan.

At the end of the day, McKinley Carter is all about helping you achieve your best return on life. And for many, that includes making the lives of others better. If you're considering a significant donation of cash or securities, share your ideas with your Advisor — ask for input and guidance. We will help you strategically achieve your goals.

For insights on on "tax-smart" charitable giving, we invite you to watch the "Tax-Smart, High Impact Giving at Any Age" webinar recording, hosted by Global Links in Pittsburgh, PA that features MCWS Chief Compliance Officer and Financial Strategist John Binz, JD as speaker. John shares very valuable information for all donors to consider.

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