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Specialized Practice Groups

Our Specialized Practice Groups (SPGs) serve as internal thought leaders who come together on a monthly basis to review industry practices, relevant legislation, and national/global events that may impact their fellow advisors, clients, and even their local communities. Through education, speaking and writing opportunities, as well as strategy development, our four SPGs provide an important value-add service for the firm in these key areas: Financial Autonomy, Tax and Legacy, Illiquid Assets, and Risk Management.

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Financial Autonomy

Focusing on strategic thinking, implementation, and communication, Financial Autonomy looks at what can be done, and be done better. Empowering the advisory team with the resources they need to provide an uncommon client experience and relationship. Inspiring clients to create the disciplines to achieve, and freedom to enjoy, a positive return on life.

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Illiquid Assets

Our purpose is to be a source of valuable information to other advisors as well as a resource for our clients. We add value and differentiate ourselves from other firms by being trusted advisors on the often overlooked illiquid assets like real estate, business ownership, career, personal network, mineral rights, collections, and we are committed to continuing to expand our knowledge base as the world of illiquid assets continues to evolve.

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Risk Management

To be a source of knowledge to advisors regarding ways to mitigate risk in clients’ overall investment strategies and financial lives, and to maintain a master list of risk management resources.

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Tax & Legacy

Our purpose is to educate and equip advisors with the most current knowledge, tools, and best practices to proactively spot opportunities to save taxes and improve estate plan design for our clients within the framework of their broader goals and objectives.

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