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The Worst of Times, the Best of Times – Keep Your Focus on the Horizon

While 2Q2020 began with much despair and angst over COVID-19's impact on world economies, it ended with a sense of hope and optimism about global recovery.

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A Black Swan Visit Roils Markets – Now What?

Covid-19 is the latest black swan event. Despite a volatile quarter, we remain optimistic about the economy once the pandemic passes. Here's why...

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MCWS Investment Update_03.13.20

McKinley Carter Investment Update to clients for Friday, March 13, 2020

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Our Commitment to Protecting Vulnerable Investors

Advisors today must identify clients at risk for financial exploitation and take steps to prevent it. Learn how MCWS protects its vulnerable investors.

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Party Like It's 2019 - Can the Good Times Continue in 2020?

We provide a first quarter and 2020 market outlook, as well as reflect on 2019.

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What If I Gave You the Headlines of 2020?

Fear and greed are the two most damaging impulses for an investment strategy. 2019 is a good example of why you should always stick to your plan.

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It's a Beautiful Day in the Economy

It's the longest economic expansion in history, but the media warns a recession is imminent. We say don't let the news headlines play with your emotions.

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The 'Great Expectations' of Financial Market Forecasts

Check out our look back at 3Q2019 market activity and our forecast for what may be ahead in the fourth quarter.

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Why You Shouldn't Fear a Recession

We keep hearing a recession may be nearing and that continues to spook many investors. But we say a recession is not something to fear, and here's why.

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