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Whats Your Story3 F sign on desert road

Nonprofits: 5 Steps to Creating a Powerful Story that Engages Donors, Others

Nonprofits are always trying to forge engagement and relationships with a potential client, donor, or volunteer. Through a story you provide a window into your world; the needs of your organization; who and how you help serve your community; and why it matters to the audience. Learn more.

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How to Prevent Board Members from ‘Checking Out’ on Your Organization

If you are an Executive Director or serve as a Board leader, you may have encountered an unengaged board member who no longer contributes to your organization in a meaningful way. Learn four measures that will

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Your Nonprofit's New Best Friend

The resources of a nonprofit organization are vast. If you are an ED, CFO, or Board Member, numerous stakeholders are dependent on your efficient allocation of those resources to fulfill your mission. Explore how a professional financial advisor can help you manage those resources.

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Tips for Cultivating Each Type of Major Gift Donor

Knowing and appropriately cultivating your major donor prospects should be an ongoing practice for all nonprofit organizations. Learn how to create an actionable plan for each of the five donor archetypes.

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Know your Role sign with clouds and sky background

Four Fiduciary Obligations Every Nonprofit Board Member Should Understand

What are the four categories of fiduciary decision-making that all nonprofit board members provide? Learn more here.

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How Just Two Words Can Strike Fear into Nonprofit Board Members

Succession planning doesn’t have to be a nightmare for nonprofit board members. Here are a few proactive steps to help you prepare for leadership change.

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Women & Philanthropy: How to Leave a Lasting Legacy on a Modest Budget

While very few of us can give at the levels of Melinda Gates or Oprah Winfrey, women still have more financial resources to make a difference in their communities than they may realize. Here are some important factors to consider to leave a lasting legacy.

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Challenges written on desert road

Regional Nonprofit Executives Weigh In on 2018 Challenges

What are the two biggest challenges facing nonprofit executive directors today? Find out here...and learn what actions to consider to tackle those challenges.

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Putting Your Money Where Your Mission Is

Learn how Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is impacting today's nonprofits and whether it compromises investment returns.

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