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Photo of Brian T. Gongaware, CFP®

Brian T. Gongaware, CFP®

Director of Advisory Services and Chief Compliance Officer

Brian leads the firmwide fulfillment of commitments our advisors make to our clients through each of our three services (Wealth Management, Retirement Plan Services and Nonprofit Advisory Services). He also helms the Pittsburgh office, working with a team of advisors in the design and delivery of artistic solutions to complex financial challenges.

Licensing and Education

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business, Financial Planning Grove City College
  • Master of Business Administration in Finance and Management John F. Donahue Graduate School of Business, Duquesne University
  • Entrepreneurial Fellows Class Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, University of Pittsburgh
  • Master Executive Course Magellan Executive Partners

Accomplishments and Honors

Brian has been recognized as a “Five Star Wealth Manager Award” recipient for nine consecutive years (2012-2020). He has also had the privilege to coach and guide several hundred professional advisors through speaking engagements, mentorships and industry leadership opportunities. His passion for leading and coaching others in building financial literacy carries over into his work with the Pittsburgh community.

Community Involvement

Brian enjoys helping businesses that are facing business challenges of growth and sustainability and has served numerous organizations in fiduciary and advisory board capacities. Brian is passionate about learning, applying past experiences to new scenarios, identifying emerging threats and opportunities and leveraging extensive financial expertise to add value to critical financial decisions. Brian is blessed with a loving family; his wife, Joyce, and two daughters. He cheers for his hometown teams with enthusiasm and unrealistic expectations.

Selected Recognitions

Selected Resources

Brian’s Articles
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AN URGE TO GIVE: Considerations for Year-End Giving

From an early age, we learn the fundamental principles of gathering and accumulating. Yet, most individuals and families in the U.S. freely give away their assets to support others. Here's a deeper dive into who, how, and why people give, along with some commonly held philanthropy myths and who benefits from the generosity.

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The Big Breakup: It's Not You, It's Me

For decades wealthy and mass affluent families have worked with major bank and brokerage institutions. With changes in the financial industry, such families may be better served exploring a superior relationship model.

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Your Nonprofit's New Best Friend

The resources of a nonprofit organization are vast. If you are an ED, CFO, or Board Member, numerous stakeholders are dependent on your efficient allocation of those resources to fulfill your mission. Explore how a professional financial advisor can help you manage those resources.

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