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Any Life Transition Can Be Handled If You Have This

Photo of author, Sandy Steedle.
Sandy Steedle
Administrative Coordinator

Transitions — life is FULL of them. They can be planned or unexpected, but they are always "side-steps" in your journey of life. Which means, the way you handle them dictates if a transition becomes a mere speed bump to navigate or, conversely, an abyss that will swallow you if you allow it.

What's the best asset to have that will ensure your success with transition? The people you surround yourself with. More specifically, finding the right people to help you navigate those unchartered waters.

Three years ago, I was facing two major transitions in my own life… one planned and one unexpected. After 28 years of marriage, I was getting divorced; and after the same 28 years of employment with Allegiance Financial Advisors, we merged with McKinley Carter Wealth Services (MCWS). Both have made a significant change in my journey.

Allegiance Financial Advisors was not just my employer, but they were also my financial advisors. They helped me navigate my divorce and made me feel confident in my life transition to being single. They were able to look at my situation without emotion, evaluate the information, and help me make educated decisions about my future.

A good advisor takes the time to get to know you on a personal level to provide help, not only during the upsides of the market and your life, but also the downsides. They were a support system that I found invaluable.

The merger with McKinley Carter Wealth Services was, in my opinion, a perfect match for me as well as the other Allegiance clients. I was certainly comfortable with my current job, but also excited about this new phase of my journey. There was a lot of new technology, new procedures, and new resources to learn, but I knew these were all in place to help make my job easier. Having so many great co-workers willing to help me was wonderful. I’ve now been here more than a year, and I can honestly say I’m still learning new things!

As both a client and employee of the former Allegiance, I have been thrilled every time I get to introduce someone new to McKinley Carter. We haven’t replaced the type of service they received from Allegiance, we enhanced it.

Like Allegiance, McKinley Carter treats clients with the same personal approach. Clients are encouraged to define what their idea of a “best life” is. As transitions happen, the goals may change, and your plan should grow and change with you. Your best life is a never-ending journey and having a team of advisors to help you maneuver through your transitions is paramount to your success.

Transitions — good, bad, planned and unplanned — are going to happen on your journey of life. Surround yourself with people that have a true interest in your journey's success and nothing will be impossible.

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