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Photo of Teresa (Dolan) Michaels, CFP®

Teresa (Dolan) Michaels, CFP®

Regional Manager and Financial Strategist

Teresa serves as a financial strategist, providing goal-focused, behavioral coaching for an intimate group of wealth management clients. She also manages the Wheeling advisory team, supporting them in their efforts to fulfill client commitments. Teresa is a member of McKinley Carter's Financial Autonomy Specialized Practice Group.

Licensing and Education

  • FINRA Series 65, 7, 6, 63
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work West Virginia University
  • Certificate of Accountancy Robert Morris University

Accomplishments and Honors

Teresa graduated cum laude from West Virginia University

Community Involvement

Motivated by her oldest child’s challenges with Type 1 diabetes, Teresa has held various positions over the years on the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Board of Directors, Pittsburgh chapter. She currently tutors reading at her grade school alma mater, Madison Elementary School, serves as an extraordinary minister at her church, is a member of the Women’s Giving Circle and Rotary Club in Wheeling, as well as serves as a board member of the YWCA (Wheeling, WV) and as a member of the West Virginia University Financial Planning Advisory Board.

Selected Resources

Teresa’s Articles
Peanut Butter Jar

How Peanut Butter Tells My Personal Fiscalosophy Story

The collection of stories and experiences throughout each of our lives make up who we are today as well as help shape our decisions for the future. Very often, we don’t realize just how much a certain experience or encounter may have impacted us, until someone points to it or draws it out of us. As adults, the way we view the world and make decisions for ourselves and family members may originate from how we were raised, work or educational experiences, or social interactions with friends and neighbors.

Our experiences with finances are no different. Sometimes we are very cavalier about those unique lessons learned we have gained over the years in regards to money. Believe it or not, our past experiences with money, or the lack thereof, have likely shaped our beliefs and how we choose to handle our own money today and in the future...we call this our Fiscalosophy. Learn why understanding your own Fiscalosophy is so important to your financial future.

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Succession Planning Blog Pic

Succession Planning is Critical for Every Small Business Owner

Small Business owners invest a great deal of time, energy and money into their business, and it can easily be the largest portion of their investment portfolio. All too commonly, business owners direct the lion’s share of their effort toward day-to-day activities of the business and fail to capitalize on the value that they have worked so hard to create in preparation of retirement. However, with a well-thought-out succession plan business owners have an increased level of control over their own future as well as the future of their business.

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I Stock 877920798

It's a Beautiful Day in the Economy

It's the longest economic expansion in history, but the media warns a recession is imminent. We say don't let the news headlines play with your emotions.

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