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The Savvy - A Society of Women Pursuing Their Ideal Life

Welcome to The Savvy!

At McKinley Carter we recognize we are uniquely situated to help women “do better” with their money.

In 2023, we were so proud to launch “The Savvy – A Society of Women Pursuing Their Ideal Life.” With this initiative, we are striving to be a resource for women, providing information, tools, and community.

We are excited to empower women with a firm financial foundation and solid relationship with their money.

As background, we spent considerable time researching, discussing, and planning how we could better support the women we serve in 2022. We surveyed our female clients and received valuable feedback about their comfort level with money matters, the topics they are most interested to learn about, and their preferences for receiving additional education in the future.

In 2023, we introduced intentional, comfortable, and fun opportunities for women to examine their relationship with money, get questions answered through education and conversation, and build the confidence needed to feel secure with their financial plan.

Today, The Savvy is a valuable resource for content and live events that are designed to help women of all ages pursue their ideal life by “doing better” with money. Check out the resources below:




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If you're not staying on top of your money, you are putting your financial well-being at risk. Suze Orman


Throughout our corporate footprint, we have hosted a variety of in-person Savvy events throughout the year to bring women together for a fun, casual, and educational experience. If you wish to attend the next event near you, please contact your local MCWS office. Here a few highlights...

Making Financial Scents with Savvy DAY
Making Scents with The Savvy Candle-making Workshop / Dayton, OH
Savvy Sip and Stencil Door Mat Workshop / Pittsburgh, PA
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Sipping with Savvy Wine Tasting / Wheeling, WV
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Savvy Scents Candle-making Workshop / Charleston, WV
Collage plant and sip
Plant & Sip Workshop / Wheeling, WV

Let's Connect and Thrive