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Photo of Erica L. Crouse

Erica L. Crouse

Technology Coordinator

Erica is the technology coordinator, acting as the main point of contact between the firm and its IT partner, Omni Strategic Technology. She also serves as the product specialist for the firm's CRM and leads the Solutions With Active Training (S.W.A.T.) and Product Specialist Council (PSC) groups. Her primary responsibilities include overseeing initiatives aimed at enhancing internal efficiencies, managing data, and troubleshooting. Erica also serves as the Chair of the Employee Care Committee.

Licensing and Education

  • CompTIA Project+ Certified
  • Salesforce Trailblazer

Community Involvement

Erica is a dynamic individual who is committed to her community and family. In the past, she served as the coordinator of the Charleston office's Summers Street Showcase, where she partnered with FestivALL to celebrate the vibrant arts scene in downtown Charleston. Erica is also a proud member of the Kanawha Valley Horseman's Association, sharing her love of horses with her daughter. Additionally, her dedication to local schools is evident through her involvement in various sports booster groups and PTOs. With Erica, her passion for giving back and creating positive change is always at the forefront. And when it's time for some fun, Erica's family enjoys amusement parks and traveling together.

Erica’s Articles
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