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Photo of Carmen M. Petote, CFP®

Carmen M. Petote, CFP®

Financial Strategist

With close to 40 years of financial planning experience, Carmen Petote serves as a financial strategist in our Pittsburgh, PA office. As a seasoned wealth/investment manager, Carmen enjoys building and managing client relationships, as well as serving as an industry educator.

Licensing and Education

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Accomplishments and Honors

Prior to joining McKinley Carter, Carmen was president and owner of Allegiance Financial Advisors, Inc. in Pittsburgh. He is a former adjunct faculty member of both Duquesne University and Robert Morris College, teaching the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Program. Additionally, Carmen is a former adjunct faculty member of the National Endowment for Financial Education and a former co-host of the weekly radio talk show "Your Money Matters."

Community Involvement

Carmen is the past President of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and has held various Board positions. He also conducted educational workshops for Financial and Retirement Planning at local corporations, including Westinghouse and United States Steel. In the past, he has been retained as a retirement consultant for local corporate employees at AT&T, American Express and Bell Atlantic.

In his free time, Carmen and his wife of 40 years enjoy spending time with family and friends. They are the proud parents of two adult sons. In addition to financial planning, Carmen has a deep passion for music. He frequently performs for local high school and college musicals as a musician on saxophone, clarinet and flute. In the past, Carmen has also volunteered for the Plum High School Professionals Day promoting the financial profession as a vocational opportunity.

Carmen’s Articles
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Attention Skeptics: Unclaimed Property Notices May Be Worth Looking Into

We’ve all heard the statement that If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, we’ve become so conditioned to ignoring items that fall into this “free found money” category that we cross the line from skeptical to cynical. Skepticism is healthy, cynicism is not. Even the statement itself contains the word “probably.”

What I’m referring to here is the unclaimed property accounts all states have. You may have seen articles or ads telling you there might be money in your name, and all you must do is fill out a form to get it. It definitely sounds like one of those too good to be true proclamations. However, in this case it isn’t. Here's why it may be worth your while to look into it.

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Medicare: Have You Overlooked Your Choices?

Two years ago I turned 65 and had to select a Medicare Plan. There are several levels of options that must be chosen and they can be very confusing. Keep in mind I have my insurance license and it still took me about two weeks to research and make a final decision. Learn more from my experience to determine if you may have overlooked your Medicare choices.

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