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McKinley Carter Receives '2023 Best Places to Work' Award from InvestmentNews

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Investing in a Strong Team Means Unrivaled Client Service

Photo of author, David McKinley, CFP®.
David McKinley, CFP®
President and Chief Investment Officer

Like many of my colleagues at McKinley Carter Wealth Services (MCWS), I have worked for decades in the investment industry and have assembled a team of similarly experienced professionals that enables us to do great things for our investment program and ultimately our client portfolios. We love what we do and, entrusted by our clients to manage their assets, find it very rewarding to work every day to fulfill our fiduciary commitment and help clients achieve their financial objectives.

You can read our professional biographies online and, as an example, I share a summary of my career's 25 years during which I have held several roles - all with investment responsibilities ranging from equity analysis and portfolio management to executive oversight of entire investment programs. One, of course, is the MCWS program through which we directly oversee nearly $1 billion and another is in my role as one of ten trustees appointed by the Governor to oversee West Virginia's $20 billion of state pension, insurance, and endowment funds.

Many sources of investment information are available - websites, television shows, magazines, and newspapers. But few are trusted sources of unbiased, fiduciary advice specific to your situation. The vision my colleagues and I share for MCWS is to pair comprehensive advice about your total financial situation with an investment program designed to produce competitive returns with below average risk over full market cycles…all with a sufficiently low client-to-advisor ratio so we know each client's situation very well.

In recent years at McKinley Carter Wealth Services, to provide additional capacity with a primary focus on representing our investment program throughout our offices and with clients, we had designated a chief investment officer to complement my role as chairman of our Investment Services Council (ISC). The ISC is a configuration of investment professionals I designed years ago to coordinate all aspects of our investment program, ranging from strategy and implementation to communications and compliance.

Upon the recent retirement of our chief investment officer, we consolidated those responsibilities into my role as ISC chair. To help me fulfill these additional duties, I am developing regional investment officers in each of our offices to serve as local representatives for our program, preparing them to support our financial strategists for, when necessary, in-depth conversations with you about economies and financial markets around the world and, of course, how we are managing your specific portfolio.

Among the investment resources available to our advisors and regional investment officers are our quarterly Huddle articles and periodic FYI (For Your Investment) updates about material changes in your portfolio construction or economic and market conditions. It is in everyone's interest to keep you informed about developments impacting your portfolio and financial outlook, so we ask you to be on the lookout for these electronic updates and discuss them with your regional team.

In closing, we're committed to excellence in our investment program and continually seek out opportunities to improve it. So I ask that you not hesitate to share suggestions or requests with me directly at either 304-230-2400 or, or through the McKinley Carter Wealth Services advisor with whom you interact on most day-to-day issues.

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