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Case Study: John and Maryanne

John and Maryanne are owners of a business in a small Midwestern town. For as long as they can remember, their focus has been two-fold: grow their business and raise their children.


Although they had diligently saved and invested during their lifetime, they were unsure of their ability to replace their income in retirement.

Over the years, they had opened an investment account, an IRA and a 401(k) plan for their business. None were coordinated, which led to excess investment costs, missed opportunities, and duplication of investments.

Moreover, they wanted to sell their business and retire within the next five years—but weren't sure where to begin.

On the advice of their accountant, John and Maryanne scheduled an appointment with a McKinley Carter advisor.


In the first meeting, they discussed their careers, family and retirement goals: to spend more time with their grandchildren and to travel to their favorite destinations.

Their McKinley Carter advisor developed a coordinated strategy for John and Maryanne to reach financial independence in the next five years. Through conversations with them, their attorney and their accountant, a new direction was set in motion.

By analyzing their total financial situation, many areas for improvement were identified to either position their portfolio more favorably or reduce unnecessary costs. Plus, they could now focus on their business and its eventual sale.


John and Maryanne expressed great relief at having their advisor coordinate the overall direction of their financial plan and collaborate with their other key advisors.

John and Maryanne are now focusing on what they enjoy, knowing they can be financially independent on their timetable.

Any case studies are intended to illustrate services available through McKinley Carter. They do not necessarily represent the experience of other clients nor do they indicate future performance.

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