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In recent years, the term "wealth management" has come to mean a lot of different things to different people. At McKinley Carter, we think that there are three essential components to effective "wealth management":

  • Breadth and depth of technical financial expertise
  • Capacity to communicate and coordinate
  • Sensible, flexible fee structure


Breadth and Depth of Technical Financial Expertise

McKinley Carter advisors have deep knowledge in multiple financial topics and the breadth of knowledge to understand how different financial issues affect each other.

Our advisors not only analyze whatever documents clients share with us (e.g., investment statements, tax returns, corporate papers, wills and trusts, loan documents, and insurance policies), but we also evaluate other assets affecting our clients' financial futures – including, but not limited to, their education, career accomplishments, businesses, real estate, and even the people and organizations around them.

Typically, this means we address the following types of financial issues and opportunities with our clients:

  • Investment management
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate and legacy planning
  • Trust services
  • Career and business consulting
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Mortgage and other debt management
  • Administrative concerns
  • Illiquid asset management

Capacity to Communicate and Coordinate

There is more to wealth management than offering technical expertise about the wide range of financial issues and opportunities before our clients. Therefore, McKinley Carter advisors are also trained to:

Understand as much about each client's personal situation, values, interests, and ambitions as they are comfortable sharing with us and to constantly assess how such personal considerations evolve over time and are affected by financial concerns.

Educate clients about the full range of financial issues and opportunities before them, because the more our clients understand about their financial situation, the more we can do to help them take whatever actions are needed to grow and protect their money.

Design and facilitate strategies that clients, family members, business partners, advisors, and/or others need to take to produce the best possible financial future for our clients.

Sensible, Flexible Fee Structure

Because effective wealth management involves working with so many financial products and services, it is critically important to understand the compensation structure. 

Unlike many of our competitors most of McKinley Carter's fees are paid directly by the client and can be stopped at any time without penalty.

In part, this is because we believe the only way to be sure that clients are satisfied with our services is for them to know not only what they are paying, but also that they have the power to stop those payments at any time.

Being paid directly by our clients also means that our advice and services are not biased by commissions or other compensation from other financial services we may refer our clients to (e.g. custodians, trading mutual funds, lawyers, accountants).

Most clients compensate McKinley Carter with fees based on a percentage of the value of the investment accounts we manage for them. This encourages McKinley Carter to keep trading and mutual fund costs in those accounts as low as possible, consistent with the desire to maximize return on investment.

Some clients, especially younger clients who are just beginning to accumulate assets or high-net-worth clients who have accumulated sizable assets not being managed directly by McKinley Carter, choose to pay a fixed consulting fee per quarter.

Whether they choose an asset-based or a quarterly consulting fee, one thing that McKinley Carter clients do not have to worry about is the feeling that "the clock is running" when they are working with their McKinley Carter advisor. It is our job to provide the services our clients need without relying on expensive cost-plus hourly fee arrangements demanded by many financial professionals.

Do you know how your advisor is compensated?  Do you have questions or concerns regarding your current fee structure?

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