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Nonprofit Advisory Services

At McKinley Carter, we help non-profit organizations construct well-diversified, global investment portfolios that are designed to maximize returns consistent with an organization's cash flow needs, long-term goals, and comfort with volatility. Through consulting in the areas of governance, strategic planning, and fund development, the firm also helps promote each client's financial independence and sustainability.

An Introduction to Our Services

How we can help

We offer our nonprofit clients an "integrated" service approach that combines investment strategy with a long-term operational vision. Because it is difficult to predict how global stock and bond markets will perform in the near term, we see more opportunities for producing positive results when we can help clients build an operational framework that maximizes their organization's financial and non-financial capacity.  We help you accomplish your mission and achieve results.


Challenges we address

We work with an organization's stakeholders to help lead, coach, mobilize, and execute resources. And we will help you address all your challenges — finance, fundraising, strategic planning, governance, leadership development, or investments — with an individualized action plan that will meet your organization's needs.

Our Distinctions

Portfolio Administration & Management

While the core principles of investment management remain the same, managing nonprofit portfolios presents some additional matters of distinction for which we provide ethical, knowledgeable, thorough, and proactive experiences for our clients. Working with an organization's decision-makers, we offer the following:


  • An investment perspective that recognizes a nonprofit's obligation to preservation, intergenerational equity and laws that govern institutional investing.
  • Guidance on how to support the desired level of spending while maintaining or building the fund base.
  • Guidance on designing a portfolio that uniquely achieves a nonprofit’s specific growth objectives and downside risk parameters while providing insulation from extremes on both ends of the boom and bust cycle.
  • Development and ongoing evaluation of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Guidance on the fiduciary decision-making process.
  • If appropriate, as assessment of the integration of SRI principles in the organization's portfolio.


Organization Sustainability

Nonprofit organizations and their boards often see endowments (or their investment funds) as a path to sustainability. While this may be the case for some organizations, the most effective path toward sustainability is ensuring effective governance practices, on-going planning, and comprehensive development plans are in place.

We specialize in the following areas to help organizations achieve their growth goals:

  • Policy development.
  • Creation and implementation of sustainable fund development programs.
  • Development of planned giving programs.

Board Development

One of our most popular programs is Board Development and Executive Leadership Training. We enjoy working with board members in the following capacities:

  • Board training on a variety of topics including good governance practices, roles and responsibilities of board members, and board engagement in fund raising.
  • We work with boards and executive leadership to create and implement strategic plans.
  • We provide executive leadership mentoring and coaching.

Nonprofit Advisory Services Team

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