Case Studies

We help our clients take great care of their money by helping them understand and manage their total financial situation. Although our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances, they all share the commitment of building, growing, or preserving wealth. We currently advise clients in 24 states and four countries.

So what types of people choose to work with us?  We have prepared case studies that depict our work with a variety of clients:

Wealth Managment Services Case Studies

Two married physicians in their mid 30s realized they didn't have a plan to manage their school debt, save for their children's college educations, and set aside money for their own retirement. Learn how Amy and Steve worked with a McKinley Carter advisor to implement a manageable financial plan based on their mutual goals and financial interests.  Learn more.

A couple who had owned a local business for several years had been diligent in their savings, but was unsure of their ability to replace their income in retirement. Plus, they had several investments with several different advisors, which led to excess fees, missed opportunities, and duplication of investments. Learn how the couple consulted with a McKinley Carter advisor to coordinate the overall direction of their financial plan, synchronize the efforts of their other professional advisors, and ensure they were getting the most from their investments.  Learn more.

Retirement Plan Services Case Studies

Due to below average participation, one of the state's largest employers wanted to find an outside party to review their defined contribution pension plan, but wasn't sure where to find an expert, unbiased perspective. Learn how the McKinley Carter team helped the organization to revamp their contribution pension plan, customize asset allocation models, and implement retirement education programs to improve participation among employees.  Learn more.

Nonprofit Advisory Services Case Studies

After significant cuts in state-legislated funds, a local nonprofit realized they lacked the financial expertise and resources to maximize the potential of the agency's sizeable endowment, which had been underperforming and neglected for years. Learn how McKinley Carter worked with the agency's board to implement an effective investment strategy for the endowment, organize a financial sub-committee to monitor the investments, and attract several new donations.  Learn more.