Retirement Plan Services Company Plan Assessment

“How is your Company’s Retirement Plan Performing?”

This assessment is designed to help you determine if your retirement plan is designed, executed, and managed for peak return and performance, or if there are clear opportunities for improvement. By learning your score, you will be better able to assess where your plan stands and how McKinley Carter can help you.


Assessment Questions

1. Does your Plan offer a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) or Target Date Funds (TDFs)?

2. Do you have a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and are you following it?

3. Does the Plan have a Financial Advisor that is a Retirement Plan Specialist?

4. Is your Advisor conducting regular Employee Education Meetings (Group or One-on-One)?

5. Do you have a Plan Committee that meets regularly to review the Plan?

6. Do you regularly reviewed the Plan costs (Investment, Admin, and Advisory)?

7. Do you regularly review Plan Health Metrics (Participation and Deferral Rates)?

8. Bonus Question: Are you aware of who the Plan Fiduciaries are at the Company and their duties?